MRC Nationals Boat Races

July 13 / 10:00 am

Monday, July 13 to Saturday, July 18: 10am - 5pm

Picture yourself traveling at 60 miles per hour; not sitting in your 3,000 pound steel car, but kneeling – inches above the water – in a 120 pound wooden boat. Your left hand squeezes the throttle. Your right hand is glued to the steering wheel. As the boat skims above the surface, your slightest movement affects its ride over the ever-changing water.

Now picture yourself surrounded by 11 other boats, just inches apart. Rough water jolts you. The spray of the other boats drenches you. You anxiously take your shot to pass your closest opponent; pushing your mind, will, and body to the limit. Three laps of flawless timing and outsmarting your competitors puts you in front for the win. The heart-pounding excitement lasts only minutes per heat, but Stock Outboard boat racing leaves you thirsting for more.

Visit springfieldnationals.com for more details.