Ironworks Waffle Cafe

Ironworks Waffle Cafe was founded on the goal of restoring vitality and passion to the rich historic downtown of Springfield, Ohio. In the late nineteenth century, Springfield was an epicenter for industry, commerce, and community.  Industrialism, primarily iron and steel foundries, were the dominating factor that propelled the Champion City to become an emblem of economic success and societal development.

Ironworks Waffle Cafe seeks to pay tribute to this unique feature of Springfield’s history through the naming of the restaurant. Additionally, each waffle on the menu is named after a notable Springfield icon that has been integral to the city’s success. 

Aside from Springfield’s historic metal industry, the “iron” in Ironworks also refers to the use of a waffle iron, and serves to illustrate the personal history of co-founders Marcy Nesselroade and her daughter Ellie Morgan.

During Marcy’s middle adulthood and Ellie’s childhood, their family spent several years abroad in Europe, and the waffles of Belgium and the Netherlands permanently captured their hearts. Marcy and Ellie are passionate about bringing the rich taste and gourmet experience of European waffles right to their hometown of Springfield, Ohio.

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