Cameron's Crusader Sunset 5K

May 30 / 6:30 pm

  • Springfield
    2630 Croft Rd.

Welcome and thank you for supporting Cameron's Crusaders! Dave and I created Cameron's Crusaders after the death of our son. Cameron was a bright, vibrant, talented and KIND young man who made a difference in his short life. At the age of 16 or 17 he did what many of us have done... experimented with drugs and alcohol. Somewhere in that timeframe he was given a drug laced with Fentanyl and became addicted. Cameron fought for his life but after 60 days of being "clean," the rewiring of his brain pulled him in and on September 19, 2021 we lost our son to a fatal fentanyl overdose ... just two drugs in his system; marijuana and fentanyl.

One of Cam's favorite things was a good SUNSET. So why not have a 5K right before sunset and enjoy the beauty and give back too! This event benefits Clark County Partners in Prevention in their efforts to raise awareness concerning substance abuse disorder and their efforts to empower our community members to create solutions from partnerships. The funds raised from the Cameron's Crusaders Sunset 5K will focus on building awareness with youth and their families through communication of the indicators of drug activity and build programs that will support prevention, specifically programs that build community, mentorship and focus on kindness.

Please join us -- you can walk or run and enjoy the music, food trucks and sunset afterward or simply support our efforts through sponsorship or a donation.

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